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Director's Message

Our vision is that every child has access to a Catholic education. It will be our Mission to raise sufficient funds to support Catholic education and make Catholic schools accessible by all.

The Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) has been established to assist families in the Diocese of San Bernardino wishing to send their children to our Catholic schools. Catholic schools have repeatedly demonstrated faith formation, high quality teaching, safety, character development and concern for others with the children entrusted to our care. Our students graduate and get accepted to college. The CEF's desire is to spread the successes of our students to as many as possible.

As a parent or guardian, you have many options in selecting an educational opportunity for your student. It is indeed one of the most important choices you can make for your student’s future. In choosing a Catholic school in the Diocese of San Bernardino, you are providing your student with the spiritual and developmental skills they will need to build a bright academic future. Our students are leaders, developing in safe and nurturing environments conducive to academic excellence where they prepare for higher education and the global marketplace beyond.

Catholic Schools of the Diocese of San Bernardino welcome students of all backgrounds and faiths to experience the comprehensive education of mind, heart, and spirit. Consider your student’s academic career a success story waiting to be written. Consider the possibilities and potential to be realized.

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